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The Travels of Naeryn Rei

[Page 5] Budding XXIV MVII

Things have been a bit slow this last few days... Though Holly was attacked the other day by a man dressed in green which Ed and Wesley were a might pissed about. They've vowed to find whoever did it though... Click-Click has gone missing, he was some kind of envoy to some Elves... I'm not really sure on the specifics but it's been a while since he went and Ed is getting antsy... I think Mia went to try and find him this afternoon actually... Hope she'll be okay... Ed'll be kicking himself if anything happens to her.

There's been a lot of people around - been interesting to see so many people from different walks of life wandering around. Met a fellow Ethronian by the name of Berem too.

It's been quite pleasent to relax in Lustay's though, it's such a homely face that seems to be quite a hub for adventurers and random trouble...

Ed mentioned going to Caer Marw this weekend... It's supposedly infested with undead... This could prove to be interesting...

People are coming back in... Better get back to being social.


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